PURE White BEESWAX Pastilles 32 oz - 2 Lb SP-425 USP Cosmetic Pharmaceutical

$ 12.99

PURE White BEESWAX Pastilles 16 oz - 1 Lb SP-425 USP Cosmetic Pharmaceutical

Product Description

New package of PURE WHITE BEESWAX Pastilles (Pellets). Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical grade, NO Preservatives. SP Wax SP-425. Applications include: Beard Balm, Cosmetics, Creams, Glamour Products, Lotions, Pharmaceuticals, Ointments, Tablet Coatings, Candles, Confections, Hard Shell Candy Coatings, Wood Working, Floor Polishes. Net weight 32 OZ. (Photo shows 16 Oz, but you get 2 LBS)

61º C  -  65º C Melting Point

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