Interesting Supply? July 26, 2016 12:10

Just so you know, "Interesting Supply" is the overall name of this site and store. We stock and sell and produce many items in various industries and markets. Rather than duplicate efforts and webstores, we have consolidated all efforts here. Right now we have Glass Technology and Reference books that we actually publish in the store. We have recently included some of our surplus electronic parts and supplies (I told you they are differing markets!) We will be adding some other industrial products, products for "makers" and experimenters, maybe some "kits". We will list used technical books on Radios and Electronics, Glass Art, Mining and Geology, and other topics. Pretty weird? not really. INTERESTING, yep. so that's why hopefully describes us better.

NEW book! June 1, 2016 22:06

We have just published a new title. It is the reprint of the classic "Hot Glass Information Exchange 1979" This has been a hard to find very useful and historical publication. We are so happy that the Corning Museum has given us the rights to publication. We are announcing the book at the Glass Art Society Conference in Corning this June.

GAS Glass Art Society Conference - Corning New York June 1, 2016 22:06

I am excited to be able to attend the GAS Conference in Corning this year. It's like going to "Mecca" for glass. The museum is one of my favorite places to visit. I especially enjoy doing research at the Rakow Library. (After all I am a bookman). I will enter more after the conference. If you have any questions about GAS or the conference or Corning, let me know.

New Products to be listed in the store soon! May 28, 2015 10:54

After the GAS Conference, we will be adding some new products available for purchase through our online store. We will have some tools and supplies and some interesting and unique materials to play with. So please check our site occasionally. We will have some other publications coming in the future. Stay tuned!

Publishing Old Classic Hard to find Glass Books May 25, 2015 17:34

If you have any suggestions for Glass Art or Technology books we should re-publish, please contact us. We have taken on the challenge to bring hard to find Glass books to life. (A labor of love). It all started with a book I could not find. It took me over a year to track down the copyright holder and obtain permission to re-publish the book. It helps the author, or their heirs in some cases. It help the industry to have the important information again. We love doing this! Please contact us with ideas.

Glass Art Society (GAS) Conference San Jose 2015 May 25, 2015 17:26

I am so excited to attend the GAS Conference in San Jose! I always learn so much about creating beautiful and interesting glass art. My favorite is the Lecmos or lectures. The demo's are outstanding! You can see and meet the some of the world's finest glass artists at this convention. For anyone wanting me to bring any books to the conference, please contact me in advance. I will be flying, but will be able to bring several copies of each title we publish.

Online Store for our published books and other Great Titles May 20, 2015 11:21

We have a publishing company which has re-published some great titles for the glass art and technology industry: 

Igneous glassworks

("Igneous" is a geological term meaning “OF FIRE” derived from the Latin word igneus).

Hot Molten Glass is also “OF FIRE” Its’ what “fires us up!” We are pleased to offer our important reprint series of books on glass technology. Check back as we add new products to our store. We have some other important glass books we are planning to sell in the future. We have some other important glass books we are planning to sell in the future.