“Chemical Approach to Glass” by Miloš Bohuslav Volf

$ 200.00

“Chemical Approach to Glass” by Miloš Bohuslav Volf

Authorized Reprint Edition (English)

This important and classic scientific study by Mr. Volf, has been one of the most
impossible books to find. Very few libraries, public or private have this book until now. This is a very technical description on the chemistry, definition, and constructions of glasses. The properties of various glasses and their relationship to various elements and their effects on glass are covered. Numerous tables, formulas, figures and references are found throughout the book. Recommended for glass scientists, engineers, laboratories and reference libraries. Artists and craft people may be looking for information in much
more depth will also want this book. Suggest this book to your local libraries!

594 pages, 6" X 9" Paperback or Hardbound
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9837038-0-8 Price $200. USD


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