Bob Barker Blue Prison Jail Shirt Zombie Cleanup Detail Heavy Duty! Choose Size

$ 20.00

These are new, actual printed for jail shirts we have up cycled with our new heat pressed printed "Zombie Cleanup Detail" theme. If you want us to leave off the zombie orange printing on your shirt for your order, let us know. The black printing on the back comes with every shirt. These Bob Barker jail shirts are very heavy duty! The cloth is thick and feels wonderful! Nice work shirt! We think the zombie addition is kind of fun! Choose your size. Note, I wear a 3XL shirt normally, and this 3XL shirt feels a little snug compared to my Carhartt Shirt, but is comfortable. NOTE! Because of our heat pressed orange printing, these shirts need to be washed inside-out, in cold water, and tumble dried in low heat. 

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