Hot Glass Information Exchange 1979

$ 39.99

This is a high quality reprint of the original publication produced in 1979. This “Classic” publication in 1979 was a window into the early efforts in the beginning of the Studio Art Glass movement. Various artists offered information together to help one another. This showed how to build equipment and use their  “new” techniques to overcome the difficulties of melting and processing glass as they created and discovered new processes through their studio experiences. The Hot Glass Information Exchange was designed so that people working in Hot Glass could come together and exchange information. Studio Glassblowing was so young and the technical problems of melting hot glass so various that there seemed to be a need for this kind of interchange. The origins of the Hot Glass Information Exchange were not to “end” with this manual, but to continue to be discussed.


The publisher has hopes to produce future volumes in all areas of glass art craft and technique. Please see the goals and plans here:

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